8 signs your gestational diabetes diet isn't working

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Whether you've just been diagnosed or you're already battling through the sea of information just trying to understand what it all means - this FREE guide is for anyone with GDM who wants to eat well, be happy, and enjoy a low-stress pregnancy.


Say goodbye to feelings of confusion and overwhelm around your diagnosis, and learn how to confidently balance your blood sugar and fuel your body with food that works for you, through the expert guidance of a dietitian that prioritises your unique needs and total wellbeing. 

Signature Gestational Diabetes Program

Coaching is a flexible, high-touch service for women with gestational diabetes including: the supply of tailored carbohydrate and macronutrient portioned meal plans built around your preferences; education and coaching; weekly virtual check-ins; and Voxer message support outside of session times.

1. Weekly Virtual Check-ins
A holistic 30-60 minute zoom call where you receive personalised support to ensure that all aspects of your lifestyle are working to balance your blood sugar and support you in feeling good in your body. We discuss things like energy levels, hunger patterns, pregnancy symptoms, gut symptoms, sleep, movement, social plans and more, to take you from feeling overwhelmed, confused and unsure if you’re doing the right thing, to feeling empowered and confident that you are doing everything right for a healthy pregnancy.

2. Personalised Meal Plan
Every 2 weeks you will receive a meal plan designed around your unique energy and nutrient requirements, stage of pregnancy, preferences and lifestyle. You will receive recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and fun foods, as well as a build-your-own meal guide. I’ve taken care of all the carb counting and label reading, so that you can shop, cook and eat food that you actually enjoy and makes you feel good, with the confidence that you are doing the right thing for balanced blood sugar and the best outcomes for you and your baby.

3. Daily Messaging Support
Using a secure messaging app (Voxer), I will reach out every day to provide support and guidance in implementing the recommendations you have received in your meal plans and during our check-ins. This is a real game changer in taking you from struggling to implement advice, worrying you’re doing the wrong thing, second guessing yourself, feeling judged, isolated and overwhelmed, to feeling reassured, confident in eating both at home and at restaurants, feeling empowered to take control of your blood sugar, and feeling good in your body. 

I encourage you to send through menus for meals out, recipes you’re thinking of trying, supermarket products you’re not sure about, photos of your meal prep, screenshots of your blood sugar log … anything you can think of! I am on the other end Monday through Sunday to provide practical support, motivation, accountability, a listening ear, and to be your biggest cheerleader!

What's Included:

Here is a guide to what you will receive within my Signature 6 Week Gestational Diabetes Coaching Package.

Once we confirm that coaching is right for you, we will go ahead and set up our weekly virtual check-in calls at a time convenient for you.
I am available from Monday to Thursday and can typically be flexible to work around your schedule.

Set up a regular coaching time 


We will discuss your current situation, what you’re struggling with, and how Gestational Diabetes Coaching could help you confidently balance your blood sugar and fuel your body with food that works for you.

Book a discovery call


The process:

Fill out intake forms


At a time of life when women often feel forgotten, I believe in prioritising the wellbeing of mothers so that they can thrive during their pregnancies, and beyond. 

Dietitian, nutritionist and plant-forward eater providing tailored nutrition services to women navigating their gestational diabetes and postpartum journey.

Hi, I'm Helena

In case we haven't met,

Prior to our first zoom call, I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather information about your health history, blood sugar, medications, supplements, pregnancy symptoms, gut symptoms, living situation, exercise, diet, food preferences and your day-to-day routine.
This enables me to put together a meal plan for you that we can go through together on our call and really hit the ground running!

Learn how to confidently balance your blood sugar and fuel your body.

Break free from the overwhelm!


"Working with you took all the guesswork out of changing my diet and managing my blood sugar.
I felt so supported and feel so much more confident in managing GD for the remainder of my pregnancy." 


"My entire mind and how I’m feeling towards myself and towards to the diagnosis has changed.
I felt like I couldn’t have done it before, but now I definitely feel empowered that I can."


"Thank you for helping me change my entire life.
I feel like a completely different person, healthier, happier, more motivated and more knowledgeable. It's all thanks to your support and guidance."


"Thank you for your outstanding support and understanding of my home life. You made this journey so enjoyable."


"Helena has a wealth of knowledge and has been fundamental in helping me achieve my pregnancy weight goals while also managing gestational diabetes! GD was overwhelming at first but Helena has been a guiding light and explained everything perfectly. I cannot thank you enough,"


"Helena is so warm and approachable. It was an easy journey to check in with her daily and her meal plans never made me feel as though I was ‘missing out’. I really enjoy food and eating out, She was always flexible and offered appropriate guidance on making the best choice for me."


"At the start of my GD journey it felt incredibly overwhelming. Working with Helena has been a fantastic learning experience and enabled me to feel confident and empowered. The knowledge I’ve gained has shown me what holistic healthy eating should look like and will set me up for life."


How much does coaching cost?

The investment for my Signature 6 Week Gestational Diabetes Coaching Package is $1000AUD

Do I need a referral?

No. You are able to book in without a referral. If, however, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate, send me a copy of your referral via email (hello@nutritionbyhelena.com) so that I can process the claim on your behalf.

Are the sessions eligible for health care rebates?

If you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan or Team Care Arrangement Plan through your GP then you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for up to 5 allied health (including dietitian) appointments per calendar year. If you have private health insurance, please check with your insurer directly to find out if you are covered for dietitian services, as this often varies. This only applies to Australian clients.

How much access will I have to you outside of sessions?

I am available for messaging support via Voxer 7 days per week, with no time restriction. I get that sometimes the moments outside of business hours (think weekends!) can be the hardest!
I will always endeavour to be there for you in the tricky moments, but please allow reasonable leeway.

Will you tell me what supplements to take?

As part of your initial intake form I will gather information about what you are currently taking and what gaps you might have in your diet. I’ll make sure you are taking the right things to cover all your bases.

Can you keep me off medication and insulin?

We can optimise your diet and lifestyle to support your blood sugar levels as much as possible, however, there is no guarantee that this will keep you off medication or insulin. Insulin is not a failure! Everyone is different.

Can I see you if I'm not in Australia?

Yes! I work entirely online, so I can take clients from anywhere in the world.

Ready to break free from stress and overwhelm?

Learn how to confidently balance your blood sugar and fuel your body.

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