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Something about me: I alwaaays crave something sweet after dinner. No matter what. It’s like my brain just refuses to finish a meal on a savoury note. Can you identify with this?And note, I’m not pregnant. I imagine that if you are pregnant, these feelings might be amplified. Now, if you ask the internet about […]

Do cravings mean anything?


When you were first diagnosed with gestational diabetes, what was the first thing that went through your head? If you’re like many of the women I have worked with it was something like “ohmygod I’ve been eating so much rubbish and I’m such a bad mum” quickly followed by “I’m cutting out all carbs and […]

Should you go low carb with gestational diabetes?


Well, first we of course have to acknowledge that “healthy” looks different for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. But speaking from a purely nutritional standpoint, research suggests that a whole lot of women aren’t meeting the recommended amounts of certain nutrients. This might be hard to hear, because I bet you are doing everything […]

Is your pregnancy diet healthy?


So diets. I’m generally not a big fan. Hopefully you already know this, but most of the time they make some very broad claims, lean heavily on cherry-picked evidence and make promises that they can’t really live up to. And most of the time they depend on you dedicating your whole life to your diet. […]

One diet to rule them all?


Don’t believe me?
Read on to find out why, plus my 5 top tips to help balance your blood sugar.

Gestational diabetes might be the best thing to happen to you


Avoid the overwhelm and confusion with this 5 step guide.

How to buy a prenatal supplement


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8 signs your gestational diabetes diet isn't working

Whether you've just been diagnosed or you're already battling through the sea of information just trying to understand what it all means - this FREE guide is for anyone with GDM who wants to eat well, be happy, and enjoy a low-stress pregnancy.

What's inside:
- Understanding Gestational Diabetes
- How to identify where your diet isn't working
- Managing your weight gain or weight loss
- How to eat a diet that makes you feel happy AND maintains a healthy glucose level
- How I can help you maintain your blood glucose levels AND stay happy, healthy in your pregnancy.

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So you've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So... what now?

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